Problems with jriver 21

I decided to upgrade to version 21 yesterday and ever-sense I have been experiencing problems playing back ripped music; it skips / stutters is the best way to describe it for 10 to 20 seconds and them sounds fine. When I play back digtal music / itunes no problems.
Only the ripped stuff. Now never had any problems before with the previous versions.

I done a few searchs on there forum no luck so I uninstalled it a couple of times never made a difference. Any suggestions on what to try next would be appreciated.

Thanks, Roger


  • tonyb
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    Try re-booting the modem and see if that helps any.....assuming of course your streaming and not hard wired.
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  • polk500
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    Ya I tried that no luck, It's probably a setting that needs to be adjusted. Also might also help with a b etter description.
    It's sounds like you're placing the needle on a record first you hear static and then the song starts and you get a second of contend then a second of music back and forth for 10-20 seconds and then it findly starts playing... weird stuff.

  • Emlyn
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    They maintain a great forum that is worth checking out. Their developers monitor the forum it for problems. I agree it is probably a playback buffering setting that needs to be adjusted.
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  • polk500
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    Thanks guys that seems to have worked, I adjusted the buffering from .10 to .25 so far so good.

    Thanks, Roger
  • polk500
    polk500 Posts: 1,171
    Well that was short lived, worked for a while now back to the static.

    Cheers, Roger