A little concerned about Polk Quality

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Don't worry, I will always be a huge Polk fan. I ordered a replacement driver for my RTA-11t's. The first one didn't work. No problem, Polk quickly shipped out a second. I installed the second driver and it works fine, but, the little POLK imprint on the front of the driver is upside down! You can't really tell unless you have the covers off and look real close, but I don't like it. You could rotate the driver around 180 degrees, but the wires in the speaker won't reach that far. I know I am sounding very anal, but I prize my old Polks. Thanks for letting me rant. I feel much better now!
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    Now go put your Eric Clapton DVD in and drink a beer or 2 or 3 or 4! You get the idea!:D
    Oh, the bottle has been to me, my closes friend, my worse enemy!
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    I feel your pain dude.
    I ordered a set of 4 drivers to rebuild my Monitor 10's.
    I experienced the same problems with that little Polk Logo
    thing. Luckily, inside my speaker, the wires were long enough
    to invert the driver so that the little rubber polk imprint was consistant when you look at the speaker with the cover removed.

    I don't like the idea of the wires "hanging" over the back of the drivers to make the terminal connection one bit. But, honestly,
    I sincerely doubt that I'll ever hear the wires make any noise.
    I crimped the connectors a little so they are very tight. No problem there.

    Polk - get your replacement drivers consistant.
    Its just not right.

    - Ron
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