The Real Difference Between LSi9 and LSi7!

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Now that I might have your attention. This question would be best answered by someone from Polk.

I assume that the different LSi models were enginered to not just match certain price/profit points but also to match different listening preferences and acoustic setups/environments and components.

For example, is the LSi7 really geared towards small rooms? Or to be used in a surround sound setup with more focus on movies over music? Or is it geared to a modest stereo configuration?

Is the LSi9 better for ________ or ________?

In other words, what types of listeners did the engineers have in mind when they created these different options.

I'm asking this to help me determine if Im going to purchase not enough-- or too much speaker. Would the LSi15 be overkill for a small stereo setup in a likewise smallish room? In what environment is the LSi7 the best option?

Perhaps current LSi users can also shed some light on this?

Thanks much!
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    Those are really good questions, I've often wondered about the answers to them, and not just the LSi series.
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    I bought the LSi7's for that very reason. I have a small area that my HT is setup in. I listened to both the 9's and the 7's and I loved both of them. But for me I did not want overkill in a small area. So I went with the 7's. (I think I am the only one here that owns the 7's)I have not been disappointed. The LSi7's are very very good speakers. And if you are looking to add them to a smaller room setup you will not be sorry. The nines will also work well in a smaller area too. But for me it was never a money issue, I just felt that the 7's ran close to the LSi9's, and for the amount I would have to pay between the two speakers, well the 7's just won out on value also. Some days I still wonder if the 9's would have been a better pick. Then I think...hey if I want the 9's I can get em' and put the LSi7's as my rears. :) So either way I win!
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    i believe the rear channel speakers should be dipole. The Lsi7 & 9 are definitely designed to be used as mains with a good sub -- at least in my book.

    As far as which one -- i would have to say you would have to have a pretty small room to go with the 7's. Also, the 7's are a 'true bookshelve -- that is, you can put them on a bookshelf. Also, the smaller front baffle means they will pinpoint image better.

    my personal view is that there is no replacement for displacement. I'll take the bigger speaker for power handling reasons and better mid-bass presence.
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    I am using the 9s without a sub right now, and actually, I don't think I need one at this point. I mean, you'll be very surprised at the bass performance of the 9s. It is very tight and clean, not "boomy" which some subwoofers have a problem with.

    I looked at the 7s for surround, but decided on the LSiF/X. I haven't hooked them up yet though.

    I would love to get some 7s for my parents, but they are cheapos ;)

    - Steve
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