Jul/15 No xbox one Adapter/Boom mic. Polk Audio Melee Headphone

Hello, Today I just made a purchase as a lightning sale during Amazons celebration for "Prime Day" Jul/15. That is when I saw the "Polk Audio Melee Headphone - Xbox One" It was being sold at an EXTREMELY great price, and what really got me to purchase the headphones was the fact that in the details it said that it came with the free adapter/boom mic upon registering the item, but as it was a "LIGHTNING SALE" I only had 3 MINUTES to make the purchase. Therefore I didn't have time to research the product until after I made the purchase. I now know that you are no longer supplying the adapter/boom mic as promotional offers, but I am really hoping you can do something for me. Please reply to me as soon as you can, thank you.


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