Bandits / Usual Suspects

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I made my Tuesday trip to a local Best Buy to pick up these two new releases earlier today.

They were both on sale for $16.99, which I thought was a pretty decent price. Circuit City had Bandits for $15.99 and Usual Suspects for $13.99, but the closest CC to me is all the way across town, while I live within a mile of Best Buy.

Anyhow, on to the point. I take my two selections up to the register to check out. The total came up to $35.66 w/ tax, which isn't a bad deal. When the clerk was handing me my receipt, he also handed me a $10 gift card! Turns out that if you bought both the titles that you got a free $10 gift card.

So after it was all over, I only ended up paying around $26 for two cool movies... not too bad, eh?

I don't know if this deal interests anyone, but there's nothing like saving money... especially when you're a college student on a budget and you're trying to support an unhealthy habit! ;)

joe :D
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