Rainbow Six Three: Black Arrow

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Wow is this game tight. Xbox Live on this game really enhances an already great Rainbow Six 3. Ten new maps, another four maps redone from the old RB6:3.

On Xbox live you can send friends voice messages during gameplay. And you can also text message people.

They also have two new live versions of games. One is Total Conquest, when you and your team has to keep three satellites in your hands for 20 seconds. But the other team is trying to get the same three. What a blast.

Then they have retrieval which is basically capture the flag.

All of your stats are reproted online, this includes the single player game.

Graphically it is as good as it gets. I think they used the model engine from Pandora Tomorrow. Crappy game but it did look good.

If you have live then this is the game to get. And it will rival Halo 2. if Halo faulters in any way on Live then you know people will end up back at Black Arrow.
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    I always play Rainbow 6: Black Thorn online on my PC. Great game.

    Been wanting to get an Xbox for some time now. Always wondered what the Rainbow 6 games looked like on this unit and the feel of play.

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    John - Let's get started man, this is BS! ;) Email sent.
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    My UBI name is Bigbeefcake

    Hunt me down. I will be on in a little while. It's 9 pm on Sunday since you can't tell with the F-ed up time on the Polk site.

    Let me know your UBI name.

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