Help Find Plexi Glass Box

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Hey, everybody has seen the plexi glass box that some of the MOMOs come in. i cant find them anywhere anymore. i want to get one, cuz i have one MOMO now, with the box, and i want to get another one, i got the other MOMO ready but no box. can anybody tell me where they might have them or am i SOL?
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  • exalted512
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    do you want JUST the box?
    if so youll probably have to go polk directly...and theyre going to charge you out the ****... used to have the mm12s for really AND sub
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    yeah i just emailed sounddomain and asked if they would do that. ill go with the same with polk. i think me working at a CircuitCity might help a lil with a discount but i dont know. we shall see. thanx for the info!