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Hi, I have a pair of RT800 3533. Both tweeters are blown. I have two pairs of RTFXLC 04590 for my 7.1 set up. Is it possible to take 2 of the tweeters from a set of the FX speakers to repair my RT800 speakers? If so, will my FX speakers still be able to work?

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  • Ok thanks. I will take your advice. Should I use a multimeter to check to see if the crossover is still good?
  • Also, without pulling the FX speakers tweeter, visually they are not the same
  • gp4jesusgp4jesus Posts: 1,480
    RTi A series tweeters:

    If I had to or wanted to replace them, am I forced to use the RDO 690s or could I use something else that comes/came w/other Polk speakers?

    No "why?" responses please.

    Samsung 60" UN60ES6100 LED
    Outlaw Audio 976 Pre/Pro
    Samsung BDP, Dish Rcvr, Xbox, Phillips CD chgr

    Canare 14 ga - LCR tweeters inside*; CC outside
    BJC 10 ga - LCR mids, inside* & out
    8 ga Powerline - LR woofers, inside* & out

    LR: tri-amped RTi A7 w/Rotels. Woofers - 980BX; M&T - 981
    CC: Rotel RB985 -> tri-amped CSi A6
    5 Audio Pro Subs: 1 B1.39: an Evidence at each corner
    Surrounds: Rotel 981 -> AR 12 ga -> RTi A3
    Power Conditioning & Distribution:
    3 dedicated 20A feeds; APC H15; 4 Furman Miniport 20s
  • Thank you for the help. I called Polk and they suggested RD2516-1. Gave me a price of 97.00 including TX and ship. for the pair. I installed them. My speakers sound amazing again. By the way I was able to check my xo with a multimeter per the tech's instructions. This forum gave me a good springboard.
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