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Hi All,

I too am new to the forum. Just purchased my dream system and now I am in configuration hell! Here's what I have to work with:

room size is 18' x 18'
RT3000p - on the floor 8' from the center
CSi1000 - center mounted above HDTV
f/x1000 - mounted on wall facing each other also 8' from center
PSW650 - 6' from center on right

These are being driven by a pioneer VSX49TX (130x7)

When connecting the speakers you all know about the options contained in the polk owner's manuals, well the receiver has just as many options. My head hearts!

Presently I have all of the speakers, except the sub, wired what I call normally. 12ga wire to the speakers. The sub is wired with a RCA cable. I'm not happy right now with the kind of money I have put into this since the sound is muddy but I plan on trying some of the suggestions found in the forum. If anyone has any suggestions about how these speakers should be wired please let me know.
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    nice set-up! and welcome to the forum...:D

    reading some past posts on wiring, you will get alot of different options on how to wire your system. my suggestion would be, before you get into the wiring of your new system, get the speaker placements/settings/calibrations down correctly first. these are going to make the bigger differences. do you have AVIA and an SPL meter? many of your problems can be eliminated/minimized with these simple tools. are you new to home theater? there are some great tools offered here on the polk website:

    home theater handbook

    the speaker specialist

    i would recommend a monster (or similar grade) subwoofer cable. should give you some improvement over a standard RCA for starters...
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    Welcome mmfinn,

    You'll learn a lot from the cool people in here. Your dream system sounds hot. Once you get it all set up and tweaked.. i'm sure you'll be happy with the Polk speakers you bought. Not sure why they would sound muddy.. other than what juice21 said.. set up is so important. that, plus your new speakers take about 80 hours to break in. Once break in is over.. they do open up a bit. I noticed that with my RT800i's. Some receivers require some adjusting to the bass and treble settings or knobs. Give that a try and see if it helps any.
    good luck and keeping asking questions.. they guys in here are cool and know their stuff.
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    thanks juice21 and danger boy, i'll let you know the progress:)
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