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Anybody get it yet? I'm still waiting for preorder to come in, but at least there's real football on tonight!
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    NFL2K5 rocks Madden's ****. I got to play it over the weekend.
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    I've got 2k5 also and defiinitely like it, but I got Madden when EB Games was doing the $10/game guaranteed trade-in. I got Madden and NCAA for $2.80 plus 9 old games.
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    Nice work! :D How is NCAA? I'd love to try that one out.
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    I love it. There's nothing like running the triple option! :)
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    Originally posted by fireshoes
    I love it. There's nothing like running the triple option! :)

    I should get it.
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    I picked up Madden today. I haven't played ESPN, but I'd be willing to bet it might be just as good. I've played two games and all the computer has done is pass. And I can't stop it no matter what I do. First and ten, second and eight, third and long. You name it, they'll pass on me whether I'm in a 4-3, a nickel, or a dime defense and complete it 80 percent of the time.

    But can I pass? No. And I'm averaging about 3 yards a carry rushing the ball. And NO this isn't my first Madden. But this is the first time I've sucked at Madden.
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    Here's some early impressions....

    I hate the kicking game. My last game I missed 4 extra points, had two kickoffs out of bounds, and shanked two punts.

    That said, I do think the game is fun. I went 1-1 online last night. I won the first game 13-6. The second game I lost 28-17. I was down 4 with about 4 seconds to go and he had to punt. I did some backpedalling and looping to try for the punt return for a td to win, but instead my returner fumbled and the other guy scored. Doh!

    I'll probably have to up the difficulty. I'm passing way to easy. Had about 300 yards in the first half of my last game. I love the curl routes. Running seems about right though.

    I like the Tony Bruno show playing when you're in the menus of the franchise mode. It's something different. I wish they'd put in a halftime show like ESPN. It's weird just starting the 2nd half right away after getting used to seeing Berman. ESPN definitely wins the presentation, but both games are fun in their own ways.
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    I play it in All pro mode and its a killer game. The running game is spot on and they tightened up the pass play, so now the dbs play alot tighter.

    Loving the franchise mode but they still value first round picks too much. Good for us but it makes the game bad for realism. I like the fact that winning games matter to free agents but i have not experienced it yet but thats the way it should be.

    The hit stick is an effing riot. Nothing like just knocking the crap outta someone.

    All the pre play setup is cool but I find that its a struggle to get everything done before the snap on D.

    Punt return is a pain. I have yet to had a big return. Lots of fumbles though. :(

    Kicking game bad.......naw i find it alot more realistic because in real life kickers tend to shank the ball on the long kicks and not just bareley miss like in previous versions of the game. Most the time its hit or miss.

    Passing game Defense:

    Trust your teamates. I take the Fs and and help cover the middle and let the strong saftey play over the top man 2 man on the rest and let the dline get the sacks. 10 minute quarters and the defense gets about 50 yards rushing tops and about 250 through the air. The xbox versions new to me so still getting used to the controller but Im sure ill get them down to 200 through the air.

    Great game I have not played Espns version but I cannot say that I have any desire too.
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