How to play youtube through USB DAC

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Using windows 8, is it possible to direct audio from youtube or any other video through the USB into DAC. If so what settings am I missing.

While searching for new music I often go to youtube to sample tunes. I don't have any issues playing J River through USB into DAC.

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    You should be able to select the DAC as your default speaker, I don't know Windows these days but that's how I have my Mac setup and am sure there's an option for it in Windows as well. What you likely won't be able to do is bypass the windows sound mixer like you can in JRiver using something like the ASIO4ALL driver, so you won't necessarily get the absolute best sound but since you're working with a youtube video to begin with that shouldn't be an issue...
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    Thought I'd bring this thread back up. I never paid much attention to DAC's til more recently (within the last month), starting with PFB's nice karma of a Wireworld USB cable. The only thing I listen to streamed__, is Youtube videos through my laptop (Windows 7) . I use a cable with a mini headphone plug running out of the laptop and R and L rca connectors on other end plugged into tape input on my pro logic avr.(Yamaha rx-v 393). Would I benefit any sound improvement from the youtube videos by using a DAC unit plugged into my laptop with a usb cable? I do have a newer avr I could use that has toslink and coaxial digital inputs if that would be of any help.
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    Windows just defaults the the audio to the the dac when it senses its hooked up the moment I turn the DAC on or hook up usb. On the subject of improving it? I think it does but to a die hard like heiney9 he would have a very diff opinion on that subject lol.
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    For me.. I had to download a driver for my PC to use the DAC..both my peachtree decco 65 & my Marantz SACD had a driver I was able to download from there web
    sites to make it work... then I can change between the sound card and the dac by right clicking on the volume control and selecting play back device and then just click on the dac I wanted...but the option to pick my DAC was not there or seen until the dac was on and plug in with the usb cable then I could see it as a option.

    now I have never tried this with a AVR.
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