Ripping CD's to FLAC - looking for a better solution



  • codyc1arkcodyc1ark Posts: 2,543
    Cody, the metadata normally contains a Genre tag, which you should be able to filter stuff by in JRiver.

    In XBMC (similar type program), I can view by Artist, Song, Genre, Year, etc.

    All those are pulled from the Metadata that EAC adds to the files. My main file directory for me is just one big folder with artist/cd/song as my folder structure.

    That seems to be the default for most folks.

    However like all things audio YMMV.

    I'm looking for the same structure, we'll talk. I'll be home Saturday afternoon and on from there, call me when you get a chance.
  • To the original poster, thanks for making me realize that my Samsung blu ray player reads and plays FLAC files, so now I have streaming in my living room as well. This forum just rocks! Wish i had more time to read more of the posts here. A ton of good info from a ton of great folks! Thanks again!
    "if it's not fun, it's not worth it & remember folks, "It's All About The Music"!!
  • Man, just when I thought it couldn't get better...yes using my BD-F7500 to play the FLAC files on my external hard drive is now a reality,... but for an even better and a cleaner connection is connection the hard drive to the USB port on my Samsung UN55F9000 tv and it is working like a dream, Scans lightning fast through the files and folders (as when connected to the BD-F7500 blu ray player) scanning is slow in comparison. So glad I tried this. The sound is not a classy as my bedroom 2 channel rig, but is darn good and nice to have the juke box at the touch of a remote. Thanks again to the OP for driving me to explore the gear I own.
    "if it's not fun, it's not worth it & remember folks, "It's All About The Music"!!
  • steveinazsteveinaz Posts: 19,409
    UPDATE: I recently changed to Foobar2000 and really like it. Way less complicated than EAC. I changed due to a hard drive crash, and setting EAC back up again is always a PITA; so I decided to give Foobar2000 a spin---I like it. I strictly use it for ripping cd's to flac, not as a music server.
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