Training Day.............

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Just wondering if anyone has seen this movie ?......any good?

I am thinking about picking a copy tommorrow.....

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  • EJEJ Posts: 42
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    I saw this in the theater and was impressed. This is an excellant movie.

  • SPEAKER7SPEAKER7 Posts: 355
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    Thanks EJ...........I guess I'll pick up a copy after work tommorrow!
  • wodom1wodom1 Posts: 1,072
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    yeah, it's a cool flick. i saw it this past weekend and thought it was a good DVD.

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  • Troy LaMontTroy LaMont Posts: 27
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    I saw this one in the theaters a few times and I can't wait till I get off work today to buy the DVD. Excellent movie!!

    Both Denzil and Ethan are up for Oscar's, if the Oscar committee wasn't so policitally bound, I'd say that meant something. :D

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  • SPEAKER7SPEAKER7 Posts: 355
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    I have just picked up a copy today after work......I'm just wondering if the packaging for the DVD is in a plastic case? the copy that I have purchased here in Canada is in the cheap card board casing......that's my only beef!

  • Ron-PRon-P Spaceman Spiff Posts: 8,511
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    I just cannot sit thru anything with Denzil Washington. IMO, terrible actor. Very mono-tone type acting. Just bland, very bland.

    Peace Out~:D
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  • mjk91383mjk91383 Posts: 298
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    have to side with ron on this one.

    joe :D
  • juice21juice21 Posts: 1,866
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    rented this over the weekend, and although i am not a huge denzel fan either, he was excellent in this movie. a total hard ****, an almost samuel l. jackson type role. ethan hawke was also incredible in this movie. definitely worth renting, even if you don't like denzel...
  • Eddie624Eddie624 Posts: 77
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    I watched it this weekend and liked it. I though denzel was good as i like most of the movies he does.
  • Micah CohenMicah Cohen Ruler of the gnome universe Posts: 2,020
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    I was all hot to watch this flick, so I bought it this weekend and watched it right before he won an Oscar for it, and IT REALLY WAS A NOTHING MOVIE.

    Things I hate:
    - Denzel Washington -- who I know can act, because I've seen him do it before -- with a script in which such ghetto nonsense as "It's all good" is repeated over and over and over. You could play a drinking game for all the times he says "Dog" or "It's all good" in this movie. That is lazy and sucks -- the writer took the easy way out, and it was offensive. Denzel should know better, and he shouldn't be getting an Oscar for this kind of dreck.
    - Ethan Hawke. SHAVE, man. SHAVE! No way he gets that hottie of a wife -- the best thing about the whole movie, in it for about a minute -- without showering! SHAVE! Your low rent Nick Nolte impression sucks.
    - Phony movie LA rain, that wets the streets for effect but doesn't appear on the sidewalks or on the dirt by the side of the road.
    - The microphone in the frame, during the scene where Ethan Hawke (a fine, fine actor I'm sure...) breaks into the girlfriend's house at the end. Watch for the boom to come down to Denzel's head in the bedroom. Idiots. Sloppy sloppy.

    I watched ZOOLANDER right after it, and ZOOLANDER was a better movie than TRAINING DAY. ZOOLANDER, for cripes sake!

    Is it DenZEL, or just Denzel?

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  • scottvampscottvamp Posts: 3,297
    edited March 2002
    Better than I thought. Good movie. Great sound. Great picture quality. We (all six) must have missed the boom mike and that is hard on the eight footer.:confused:
  • Billm57Billm57 Posts: 689
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    Denzel is one heck of an actor..Watch Glory..that was his best role next to Training Day
  • Ron-PRon-P Spaceman Spiff Posts: 8,511
    edited March 2002
    I just watched this last night. I'd give it 2-1/2 out of 5 stars.

    Good, not great. Denzel was good, better than most of his movies. But Ethan stole the show in this movie. By far and outstanding preformance over Denzel. Now I know he had to pay off some judges to get the best actor Oscar.

    Peace Out~:D
    Ron dislikes a film = go out and buy it.
    Ron loves a film = don't even rent.
  • TroyDTroyD Posts: 12,138
    edited April 2002
    My big gripe with the movie was it was so cliche as far as the characters were concerned. For crying out loud, Ethan should have worn a white cowboy hat. I thought it was pretty entertaining but didn't think it lived up to the billing.

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