Outlaw Model 975

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Outlaw Model 975 Pre/Pro - Price: $400 shipped

The Outlaw Model 975 is a slimline minimalist pre/pro with exceptional sound quality. It has all your necessary features, with nothing superfluous, including 4 HDMI inputs, 7.1 input, quadruple xover controls, and HD scalling w/ full bypass. It focuses on sound quality and keeping the price reasonable, over packing features in.


I am the second owner of this lightly used pre/pro and would rate it 9/10 on the Agon scale. I do not see any cosmetic issues and it is functionally perfect. Pics can be seen here.


Accepting Paypal gift, regular Paypal (add 1.5%) or USPS money order. This will ship in the original box with the original packaging materials and the original accessories (though the manual is a reprint). I have feedback on Head-Fi and on Audiogon. For sale in the US only.




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