Trouble with music from laptop need help

So what been happening is I will be listening to music say from Spotify using spoiify connect from the ipad and them decide to listen to something using jriver, I will switch over to jriver select an song and no sound!!

I will open up the CA usb 2 sound card see that indeed it's working but no sound.
Look at the difference setting for the sound card everything seems correct,restarted the laptop and sound,great or so I thought.
Switch over from watching a movie to laptop no sound again.

So list of gear that could be the problem?
AVR Yammy 2040, with the other AVR never had this problem but because when I restart the laptop I get sound so I don't think the AVR is the problem.
Dac Magic 100 uninstalled / reinstalled driver, never made any difference.
jriver software seems to work fine.
HP 6500 note book running windows 7 professional, must be the problem but can't seem to be able to identify what causing this no sound issue.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



  • polk500
    polk500 Posts: 1,171
    Well done some reading online and I uninstalled / reinstalled the difference sound codex's and everything seems to be well.

    Apparently the problem was with Spotify as a banner popped up and said there was something wrong with the sound card.

    Alls well.
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