RalliSport Challenge 2 for xBox

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has anyone played this game? I'm a huge fan of Rallying, and this game has got to be the best. One huge downfall is that it's not available on PC yet! :( Lets hope they port it over quick.... I'd love to see what they could do with today's graphics. Plus, when the original got ported over to PC, it was actually better than the xBox version (or so I've heard).

Anyway, just wanted to share my joy.... if there's only one thing in this world that Microsoft does right, it's games.....
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  • TerraxTerrax Posts: 483
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    RSC 2 is awesome. I dig raly racing a lot too, and this one of the best. The original's port to the pc was a huge system hog, and takes heck of a machine to run it in all its glory.
  • nadamsnadams Posts: 5,874
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    Yeah, even my GeForce 2 Pro can't run it with all the settings up.... Guess my new video card will fix that, tho :-D
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    I'm working on the third skill level right now. It's getting mildly hard now.

    I HATE the euro rallys, they're always raining ;)

    Monte Carlo rally > *

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