Polk sda 1b replacement midbass 6509

Dusty B
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How are the polk replacement drivers For the 6509? Any body here try the RD 6528-1 replacement. How do they Compared to originals? I have a pair of sda 1b's with a couple of shifted magnets by the way. Do they look the same? Sound the same?
Thanks in advance for any replies. Just want to make sure before I pull the trigger on these. I might try to fix the originals regardless. Yes I've investigated the threads regarding repair. Picked up these sda 1bs at goodwill always wanted to try a pair. The price was right.......$10.00


  • Schurkey
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    You'd be better-served by asking a moderator to move this post to "Vintage Speakers" rather than here in "Forum Testing".

    Some folks say the new drivers are the sonic equivalent of the old ones, but with minor visual differences. Others are not as happy with the new drivers. I can't say, I've not tried a replacement mid-bass driver.