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This is to Kim or anyone outhere in momo land:
In a previous post I noted my set up...my head unit is a alpine 7864.... anyone have any ideas ow to keep it from skipping when I am pounding. It skips when I am listening to anything over a high-moderate level...the subs have so much more to give...I want to be able to make people puke!!! Are there any stabilizers out on the market or if I surround the head unit instatall by Dynamat will that eliviate the problem.....Is there such a thing as TOO much bass???? And Kim...the amps are awesome.....they are more than plenty of power....clean as a whistle too..... HELP ME!
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    Certain Sony headunits (high end) have something called ESP which stands for Electronic Shock Protection. This circuitry actually stores a few seconds of music in memory so that if the CD skips, it automatically inserts music from the stored music information. They are practically skip proof, no matter how much pounding.
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