Seamless BD Integration w/HTPC and Media Center

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Has anyone accomplished this? If so which software did you use to integrate BD playback seamlessly into Windows Media Center or Media Player? Crazy how poorly BD is supported due to its high liscensing costs. HD-DVD would have been a much better option, but leave it to the marketing gimmicks of BD to smash HD-DVD.
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    I have mine setup and it is seamless.

    If you install PowerDVD or TotalMedia Theater, it will seamlessly integrate with Windows Media Center. It will have its own line above Movies, TV, etc. I had freezing issues with PowerDVD10 (OEM bundled version), but TotalMedia Theater 5 rocks, and it plays HD-DVD back perfectly too (with XBox 360 HD-DVD drive attached). You just have to stick to the older or older to retain HD-DVD.

    It pretty much works like a regular DVD/Bluray player. If you put a movie in the drive, it will spin up and the software will launch automatically within Media Center. Just be aware that there are separate settings for the software within Media Center vs the stand alone software (stuff like bitstreaming, auto refresh rate change etc.)
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