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relax perverts! - especially you "mr green room":D -- i just got a pair of rt55i's (near mint floormodel-100.00/pr!-don't even need 'em,but couldn't resist at that $ - now to explain to the wife:rolleyes: ) ? - is - can i safely put this pair on top of my pair of "20 yr old,not working properly,being used stands monitor 7b's" with no ill effects? one pair being shielded/the other not. also along the same lines,can i put 1 pair of my 25i's on top of the other pair,while building my setup, with no ill effect? thx in advance for your time and sugg. CHEERS! jefff
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    Hi Jeff,

    I don't think there's anything to worry about, except maybe the possibility of them falling off. I'd try to find something fairly thin, and a little bit soft to put under them---- maybe a mouse pad, or placemat or something.

    Congratulations on the great deal on the 55i's. Who could blame you for jumping on that?.. Hey.... this thread reminds me of that Natalie Portman page that I didn't get finished looking at....What was the thread? "For Micah"??:)

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    wow! great purchase!:D

    i don't see any problems of placing the 55's on top of the 7b's. i am assuming you are not using the 7b's since they are not working properly? as long as the 7b's(non sheilded pair) doesn't get too close to your tv. and, if i am understanding correctly you want to run 2 rt25i's on top of each other? this shouldn't cause any problems, but i don't know if you will acheive anything with it either. i am running 35's on top of 800's (check out the system showcase for pics.), and TUI runs 55's on top of 2000's, but in both of these applications, the 'top' speaker is compensating for a 'weakness' in the 'lower' speaker. ie. my 35's are helpind clear up the upper middle and hi range of my front's output. same concept wih 55's/2000's. putting 2 identical speaker's ontop of each other? i don't know if you would gain much? just more of the same sound...
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    thanx all! - juice,right now i am only storing my pair of 25's on top of another pair of 25's for storage purposes(1 pr for the bdrm/1 as surrrounds) while the ht is in progress (not to be used together for a 1 room system)-just trying 2 keep things neat for the wife!--within the last month i purchased -- 1 pr of rt800i's/cs400i/2 prs of rt25i's/and now the 55i's that i didn't even need!--but:p - most of u know the dreaded "WAF" -- "not in my house" rolleyes: ) so,trying to keep it neat! just don't want any ill effects to come to any of my "twins" (shoulda seen the wife's face when the 400 was 1st placed upon the top 'o the tv!)--("WTF is that jefff!!!:confused: ) CHEERS! jefff
    Art as expression-Not as market campaigns-Will still capture our imaginations.
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