2 ch rig keeps evolving

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Heres a pic of my 2 ch in my little cave, thought some of you might want to see your old gear put together and playing nice with other pieces, the gear has forgiven all past transgessions by it owners, however, occasionally the speaker cables, MIT (Russman) and the interconnects, Monster (Mantis) have a tiff.:D

The TT is an old Kenwood kd-40 i have had for over 20 yr
Under that is my first cd changer I ever bought, analog only technics not bad sounding

Then the little Tosh-3960 which really does shine as a cd transport/player. Then a pioneer tuna I got from Faster and the NAD pre from Doro one of my favorite audio pieces.

Next is the NAD 2600 a very nice amp (thanks hoosier) 150wpc high current clean sounding of course mates up great with the pre.

Last is my old technic dual well cassette player which does not get much use but still looks great.

The speakers are the SDA 1C which I got from Acdds and are my babies now.

Finally the rack which I picked up from venomclan.

The rig will continue to evolve, I like my HT rig and watching dvd on it but my heart is with this baby and 2 ch. It really is a Club Polk rig and thanks to all who helped me get it to this point.

RT1-- :D
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    Nice set-up bubba!
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    Thanks Steve, I still kick myself occasionally for not taking that yammie off your hands you let go, have to get my rather big azz off the couch to change volume with the NAD:mad: vintage also means---NO REMOTE:rolleyes:
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    Thats my old preamp! Nice to see another great piece of gear making the rounds 'in the family'.

    NICE setup broham, bet it sounds nice too.

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    It looks great. Gotta love those SDA's.

    I kinda like how you were able to include a bunch of members' gear in your listing. It means alot to many of us, including myself. I've bought many a gear from our fellow members and it just plum warms my heart to see other members doing the same. I'm sure that they are each happy to see that you are using the gear that they parted with.
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    The rig looks fantastic! Vintage goodies abound :)
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    Nothing like the "Old" Gear...Looking Good!
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    Very Nice! Like the color scheme. :cool:
  • reeltrouble1reeltrouble1 Posts: 9,313
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    Thanks guys for the words. The rig sounds great, picked up Krall's Look of Love, she is very hot in the picture of her on the disc jacket, anyway, she sounds great.

    Yea, Russ I hear that pre has alot of stories to tell, something about big old red lips!!!!!!!!! Acutally, most of the gear has other Club members finger prints all over it, I know Racer had the SDA's before Acdds did.
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    Sweet looking rig! How do you like the sound of the NAD pre?

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