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When the moderators remove a SPAM post from an old or current thread, it might be good if they insert a note saying what happened. Otherwise the next post seems to be a non-sequitur.
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    I agree, but these days there is too much work/not enough mods here, it's fortunate that the spam gets removed at all.

    There are still so many idiots joining and posting garbage, I imagine being a web admin here is/was likely a FT job?
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    VBulletin has an option on the moderator panel to "Delete other posts and threads started by the affected users". This is great when members reply on a thread started by said spammer, the whole thing disappears. It's when a spammer posts the spam on a thread created by a member that it becomes too much of a chore to check every thread to clean up. Especially when a spammer has multiple spam posts on multiple threads not started by him/her/bot.

    The best way to eliminate this from happening is (as a member) NOT to post anything. Just report the post/spammer and move on.

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