R16 speaker cracking issue

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I own a pair of R16 polk audio speakers. One of them is producing a cracking/distortion sound when it is in use. The sound is not over powering but more annoying. The sound is at all volumes and it is there when I play music or watching a movie. I have tried new speaker cord and I have also swapped the speaker to a different channel. No matter where it is in the house and what ever channel that speaker is on the cracking is there in the one speaker. Is it a blown speaker? Please someone help!!!
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    Most likely, yeah. Probably played it too loud at some point and fried something in the crossover. Is their sound coming out of the tweeter ?

    Either way, not sure if those are worth the time and coin to fix. Maybe a good time to up your game to the RTI A1 or A3.
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    The tweeter does work
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