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Good day i have just got a new home set up which i'm in love with polk audio RTI A7 , CSI A6 , FXI A4 and PSW-505 but right now i have a denon AVR-2112CI 90X7 not not cutting it can you guys please help me with the best receiver to make these babies come alive. i also have them bi-amp but see not much difference.

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  • belizeanlowbelizeanlow Posts: 4
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    thanks all i can say i was looking at the Yamaha RX-A3030 I heard them in brandsmart on the Yamaha RX-A3020 the old one and it sound sick but open to anything just want them to play how they should thanks.
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    Such an open question so much based on what you like or want to spend.
    For me it would be.
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    And another vote for Pioneer SC series
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    Pioneer SC series, Anthem MRX series, NAD.

    Unless you have a dedicated amp or are planning on one I would stay away from most Onkyo's and Denons. Their WPC is pretty much a lie unless the spec states X watts all channels driven. Otherwise your only getting a sense of what it can do with just 2 speakers connected, and the more speakers you add, the lower that number actually gets. Not sure if Yamaha's or Marantz are as bad. I cant recommend anything from HK for HT as their auto calibration is just HORRIBLE.

    Any of the models from the Pioneer Elite SC line, NAD or Anthem will be pretty decent sounding and they dont lie as much about their specs.
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    The Yamaha RXV series of avr are pretty much the same as what EnderShadow was talking about.Very nice specs at 1st blush but it's not xxxwpc driven to all speakers .My [email protected] was a disappointment and I clipped the thing. I was lucky it had pre/outs and added an external amp to make it work like it should. If your only interest is movies then I would say ok/maybe but if your into music then absolutely no.From what I hear the Pioneer SC series is the way to go.
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    Thanks guys I want my receiver for both movies and music thanks
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    Thanks guys I want my receiver for both movies and music thanks
    Thats crazy that your post count still registers a zero
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    Then get an SC series and call it a day. If you want to save some coin, go to Costco and pick up a 1222K (rebadged SC61) for $469 and spend the rest on other upgrades....

    Off the top of your head, are there any real drawbacks to the 1222K that someone would be missing out on if they went that route instead of a newer SC series? (Assuming 7.2 and 120wpc are ok with said person)
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    Guys thanks so much for your help I'll look at the pioneers
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