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One of my subs makes A distorted sound at low frequency but still has strong bass. I took off cover and when you touch it it gets worse sometimes it sounds fine but 75 percent of the time it does not. when it is jamming it sounds great but when its not the static sound. Anyone have any thoughts? If it is blown can they be recoiled and who or is there a good fit replacement? Any help would be appreciated.
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    You might be out of luck. I had the same speakers, along with the RT16's and RT7's, which used those dreaded 7.5" woofers. I had a few of them go bad on me and as far as I know, once the voice coil starts rubbing, it's all over. I was able to replace mine and once I did, I sold them.
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    That's not a bad idea or else I might start parting them out.
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