Oh yeah a new DVD comin!!!!

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Diana Krall in Concert! Gonna be a must buy for me! Anyone dig her?

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    I somewhat recently picked up "When I Look Into Your Eyes." Her music is very different from anything I've ever heard or owed, and I dig it. I wish Blockbuster would carry concert DVD's.

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    what people see in this girl i have no idea. she can sing good big **** deal! so can alot of other people. i think it funny seeing hardcore audio guys who grew up on rock and roll jocking this broad cause she sounds good on there system. come on now check yourself. admit that you know of here cause you heard it from someone else. end of rant.

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    she can sing good big **** deal!
    What more do you want, a singer who can't sing!?
    admit that you know of here cause you heard it from someone else. end of rant.
    What the hell does this have to do with anything? Most of my favorite music I've been introduced to.

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    im sick of hearing about the women. and i said she can sing,big deal so can alot of other people.some of you act like she is the only women singer out there.

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    There are a lot of woman singers out there that I highly enjoy. I've never heard of this Krall chick.

    Tori Amos
    Sarah McIcan'tspellhernameright
    Kristy Thirsk
    Portishead chick
    Barbra Cohen

    the list can continue a long time.

    Calm down :)

    - Steve
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    I saw DK years ago at Blues Alley in DeeCee, and she was excellent. I learned about her thru a friend, a girl who liked that "Peel Me A Grape" song.

    Krall is a great singer -- a better singer than most -- because she "channels" the style and sound of the great old (now dead) standard singers, and I happen to dig that. She isn't a fake or a show, she's a real singer. Her versions of standards are impressive, and her originals are interesting and conservative. Audiophiles like this stuff because the production on her discs is precise and devistatingly exact. The sound quality is phenomenal. She (and her producers) take extra care.

    I have tickets for her 4/9 show at The Meyerhoff, and I can't wait. (I don't get out much.)

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    i've just recently been introduced to krall. i actually listened to her love scene disc when demoing the kirksaeter's, and there is just something about her voice, it's so engaging. plus, i love a well mastered disc that is going to sound 'quality':) if i get a chance, i would definitely love to hear her live...

    enjoy the show micah...:D
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    Girls are COOL! I recently say Natalie Merchant and she was tremendous. She looks a little too much like Kathy Bates now but what the heck.

    I'm with Steve, there are a lot of great female acts out there. I would throw Jewel and Cheryl Crow out there.

    I am also with Aaron in that most of the really cool stuff, I would venture that someone had to steer most of us to it. So what difference would it make?

    I plan for the future. - F1Nut
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    Micah!!! You are going to see her live!!!!????? Man, REALIZE how lucky you are. Her shows are pretty hard to get into...she doesn't go anywhere and everywhere.

    She makes my Parasound/Polks tingly....*giggle*
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    I too will be seeing Diana Krall live in concert in May. i only found out about her 6 months ago. I can't believe she is coming to my small town of Spokane.

    Yeah she may not be right for everyone. but man her silky smooth voice beats the heck out of every other female vocalists right now.. even beats out Britney Spears. ha ha. thats a joke, just so you know.
    Her style is old crooner standards.. which never go out of style.. and she does them with so much emotion. Pick up any one of her CD's and take a serious listen.. then decide. I am waiting for to get the DVD audio of hers.. as well as the concert DVD.

    Diane Schuur is excellent too.
    Oh yeah, i also like good ol rock and roll too. Heart being one of my faves or all time. no one rocks like the Wilson sisters. IMHO
    I just like so many types and styles of music... and i'm always listening to something in the back ground.. like right now. Supernatural by Santana.
    P.S. final word.. Diana Krall is good looking too.
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    Diana Krall is good looking too.
    No kidding! Check out the opening page of www.cdnow.com.

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