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I came across this site searching through different audio setups and I thought I'd share my own setup.
Built into a 1998 Pajero io 1.8L petrol 3 door.
Here it is:
*x2 260w Sony split system (front and back)
*Powered by 3400 watt max 4 channel American amp.
*Sony bluetooth headunit 52x4 watt rms (unused) model numm. MEX-BT3900U
*12" Targa 12000 max, 1000 x2 DVC rms
15" targa 12000 max, 1250 x2 DVC rms
*Powered by x2 Targa monoblocks 9000 watt max, 1750 rms @ 1 ohms.

Please note Targa is a South African brand.

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    Post this in the On The Go Audio section, you'll get more responses.
    If you can't hear a difference, don't waste your money.
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    Thanks for the advice. I'll do just that.
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