Sunfire 400 seven amp and Monitor 70's

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Hello everyone!
I just purchased a Sunfire 400x7 amplifier from a friend. I am running 4 Monitor 70's off of a Sunfire Grand 200x5 now with no problems, as the Monitors will handle 275 watts(advertised)
My question: Is there a meter of some kind available to measure the power going to the speakers.
The Sunfire 400x7 only has the Joule meter(power available) so i don't know how many watts are going to the 70's.
I don't want to burn up the 70's when i crank this up.
Thanks for your time!
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    That combination will not work. Shoot me a pm so I can arrange to take that 400x7 Sunfire off your hands.:twisted::mrgreen:

    You will have no worries from the pairing. The only problem you would face would. E if the speakers were being underpowered, which is something that amp does of have issues with. Enjoy it!
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    Scott, that 200x5 amp is enough power already for those Monitor 7's. Going to the 400x7 is really not necessary in this case. You can use that larger amp to power other less efficient speakers like the old LSI 4ohm series for example.
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    Thanks folks.
    Nooshinjohn, i don't think these old 400x7 amps had the problem of being underpowered. I've heard the new style ones do sometimes.
    My amp is the signature 400seven.
    I just didn't want to overpower the monitors. thats why i asked about some kind of meter to measure wattage going to the speakers.
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    Thanks Juan!
  • PastorfuzzPastorfuzz Posts: 24
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    Bought the 400x7 for $500 because of a dead channel. Took it in the shop for repair for $185. Simple fix they said.
    Running a Marantz SR8500 for pre-amp. 200x5 works fine but in need of some maintenence i'm sure. Going to take that in later.
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    Well! 500 clams! You stole it. Your ears will bleed before you hurt anything. Enjoy.
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    Yeah, $500 is cheap, but he's a good friend. I sold him a car a few years ago very cheap because he was in a bind.
    I'm happy he remembered that!
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    Wow! You want your money back? Super score!
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