WTB RT800, 1000, 2000 dc area

warlocks1warlocks1 Posts: 1,191
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I am looking for these in the DC area. Thanks, Jeff
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  • warlocks1warlocks1 Posts: 1,191
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    Mark (Emlyn) hooked me up with a beautiful set of RT1000p's for an unbelievable price. Thanks Mark!
  • EmlynEmlyn Posts: 2,474
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    As many of you know, Jeff has a well deserved reputation for going out of his way to help out fellow Club Polk members. So, what goes around comes back eventually. Glad I could help out. It was sad to see a good pair of Polks collecting dust at my place, but I'm glad they are now going back into good use.
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    That's what it's all about. Excellent...;)
    I smell ****, burning ****, glowing cherry red spanked ****.

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