9/11 on CBS

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Wow that was a really moving documentary last night, I could not believe the footage from the WTC before and during they crumbled. Did anyone see this? I was uneasy watching it, even though it all happened 6 months ago, it was still very disturbing.
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    i watched, almost unbelievable! when you heard the building falling around them, while they were running out, then everything going black, i can't even describe it. the men and women that aided in getting people out ARE heros! one moving thing, was the charecteristics of the public safety people that was displayed in this documentary, example-when the 2nd tower fell, and they ran away, the fire cheif pushed the cameraman down, and covered him to protect him from falling debris, almost disregarding his own safety to provide safety for another. truly remarkable. parts of the documentary were very disturbing, but i am glad that i watched it, and i feel that it was very well done and edited. i also think it was good to remind america at why we are at war. it is good that we are all getting back to our everyday lives, and the american way. but it was a good reminder of the evil that was so present that day, and that the lives that are lost in this war are not lost in vain, that there is a reason that we are fighting...
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    i hope my last post doesn't start some political debate that results in deleting this post, it was just my reactions to watching this documentary and the feelings it brought up for me. just wanted to add my .02 on this documentary, i hope it doesn't offend anyone...
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    i felt that it gave you the emotion that the news just didnt quite get thru, it was done very well, thougtful and respectful. my wife and i sat in a humbled silence with tears in our eyes at times the entire 2 hours, i am glad that cbs did not censor the language and such
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