~400ish for Headphones + amp or just headphones

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So here's the deal.

I am looking to get a nice portable system. When I say portable I dont mean ride on the subway type thing, I mean small easy to transport setup. I can either get a set of headphones and an amp for ~400 or just headphones.

If I go with just headphones they need to be able to plug into the iPhone or Zune and just sound GREAT with no other amplification. I dont mind going with headphones that need an amp to sound their best provided the overall cost of the suggested system is ~400.

For a headphone amp I honestly am pretty sure I should go with the Schiit Asgard if I go with a headphone amp. I am open to other suggestions but it seems to be the king in the price range I have. It doesnt need to be fit in your pocket size or anything like that. I plan to put it on my desk at work or use it at home.

I am hoping to find some good isolating headphones, but at the end of the day if I just have to keep the volume down on em at work, I can deal with it provided they sound good.

These are going to be a set that last me for years so I am open to many suggestions. I am not looking for IEM's. I would like to keep this to over the hear or on ear sets. I do wear glasses 24/7 so clamp force can bother me.

I listened to a set of Grado RS2i and RS1i's and they sound awesome, but are obviously out of the budget. In reading about the 325i's they lack some of the punch the RS's have so I am not sure on them.

So lets see what suggestions/combo's folks come up with.

Assimilated I will just already post your suggestion of the PSB M4U 2. I need to read more on them, but they do seem like a good option. My only concern is my ears starting to sweat.

I am excited to hear the Polk UltraFocus 8000's which should hopefully be arriving this upcoming week.
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    Schiit Asgard... are you sure this is an amp and not a new product of incontinent old farts?:cheesygrin:
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    I would recommend Ultrasone Pro 900. These are closed and at 32ohms can be driven reasonably good from iDevices. Add a Tube amp and you get yourself a very good mid priced setup.


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    Schiit Asgard... are you sure this is an amp and not a new product of incontinent old farts?:cheesygrin:

    LOL :lol:
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    You could look at sennheisers hd600 and a fiio e9
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