CoD Black Ops II

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Anyone see the preview of this game yet? It looks like a cross of Halo and Black Ops put together. Not sure what the game play will be like, but it seems to take place in the future. The trailer makes mention of robots, futuristic planes, etc. You can check out the trailer on Xbox Live. Release date is set for November.
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    It takes place in the 80s, I believe.
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    It's set in 2025... with flashback sequences to the 80s. But the multiplayer is all in 2025.
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    I think this should top mw2 as I never really got the feel of mw2
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    Anything is better than MW3... I just hope they keep with the original BO feel and not do it's best to put everyone on an equal playing field. Let the newbs be newbs and force them to get better.
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