WTB: single FXi30 (or pair if need be)

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I'm currently running 5 RTi28's and a CSi40 in a 6.1 arrangement. The biggest problem with my soundfield is that my couch can only come out about a foot from the back wall of the room. I have the RTi28 at the center surround position on a bracket to angle it down, and that works fairly well if you're in MY seat... but for others in the room, they don't notice it. I keep wondering what a single bipole would sound like in that position, and if that would help remedy the fact that I'm so close to the speaker by giving it a wider dispersion of sound.

I was just wondering if anyone out there was running a single FXi30 for a center surround (and if so, how that sounds), and if anyone has a single FXi30 they'd like to sell. If someone only has a pair to part with, I'd be interested in that too.
Equipment list:
Onkyo TX-NR3010 9.2 AVR
Emotiva XPA-3 amp
Polk RTi70 mains, CSi40 center, RTi38 surrounds, RTi28 rears and heights
SVS 20-39CS+ subwoofer powered by Crown XLS1500
Oppo BDP-93 Blu-ray player
DarbeeVision DVP5000 video processor
Epson 8500UB 1080p projector
Elite Screens Sable 120" CineWhite screen
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