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Hello all!

Final found a box that wil fit in my 02 Mustang Convertible (and still leave "some" trunk left :wink:). Wanted to put 2 MM1040D down firing (or up) with the box the following specs:

Mounting Depth: 6-5/16"
Internal Volume: 1.7 cubic feet (0.85 cubic feet per sub)
Dimensions: 42" FrontWidth x 36" RearWidth x 7 H x 15" Depth

My questions is this, website calls for Internal Vol of .66 per sub, will .85 be bad?

Thanks in advance!
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    That is a bit big. A common guideline is that usually you can increase or decrease the size of the box by 20% either way. That is 33% above the recommended which is quite a bit. That size box is closer to the recommended size for the MM1240 that I have.

    The problem with going too big is that you get reduced output and it will seem too loose because its under dampened (lack of punch).
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