Autotek SX2200 review

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Well finally got all the amps up and running in the Tahoe. Only real new amp is the I'm gonna give ya my 2cents on this amp.

Fit and finish: Excellent. Solid built and feel- came with chrome screws to match. Nothing cheap here!

Gadgets: Has Input and output jacks, high pass and low pass eq's and also an adj variable eq for the output jacks. Gain easy to access and all are quite well labled. Dont need a manual to set this up. The remote bass "thrust" control as they call it has a power grean (on) and red(trouble) light..wich is kinda of nice. Also came with chrome screws for install

INstall: had issues here. Would not take 8g wire directly for ground and power. had to get a connector to do so. Should have been my warning right there. The speakers terminals took the 12g no issue..and the 14g remote line no issue.

Perfomance: Poor! I had to crank the gains up 3/4 way at least to get my efficient IDQ10" sub running. In addition...had to actually use bass boost to improve the output... This is a first.

The amp will not run both my IDQ's at 2ohms mono! The Dealer said it would..and the pamphlet says " 500x1 2ohms mono" can do. I also had 14.24 volts at the amps power input!

It will run each IDQ 10" ok....I'm totally not impressed with this amp other then it looks good!

I give it a rating of 1 of 5: Not sure how this amp would work in 2channel stereo...but evidently its power supply is not very stong!

Thomas A.
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