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I want more bass out of my system but my space is limited. I am looking for somethin that will fit either under my seat or in the cargo spaces under my back seats?
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    build a box for under the back seat for a single 10" sub... throw the amp under the other side of the seat.
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    I recently purchased a 2003 Toyota Tundra X-tra cab, and I also
    was wondering what I could put in the cab without taking up too
    much space. I went to the local "Good-Guys" shop and they showed me a "Stealth-box" that fits in the center arm-rest. Its made by JL Audio, has a 10" woofer and costs $500. Problem is it
    wont work in my Tundra because I have a split bench seat in the front.
    Here's what will work: A Q-logic "Q-custom" box that is specially
    designed to fit under the rear passenger seat. It is available from
    Crutchfield for $249. It is absolutely the best fitting / best sounding box for the Tundra. It will, however take you a few hours to install it. Thats because you have to pull back all of the carpet under the rear seats, pull-out the right side metal frame under the rear seat, and bolt in the new Q-logic box. There are
    4-5 bolts. I installed it myself, and it looks and sounds great.
    It sounds great because, after some research, I discovered the
    perfect match for this box is the Polk MM2084. It uses 2 of these,
    which are also available from Crutchfield for $89 each.
    If you own a Tundra, this is the best way to go.

    Tony B. From L.A.
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    1. JL makes great stealth boxes
    they are more expensive than theyre worth and come with **** subs
    2. q-logic makes crap for boxes...most of their stuff is made out of plastic and the "q-ring" is notorious for massive air leaks
    your best bet is get a custom box made out of 3/4" mdf or better to put under the back seat like dodge was saying
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    dude if you think that POS plastic box sounds good - then good, at least you're happy, but look at it this way... if you heard those same two polk subs in a box that also wiggles its way under your seat all tucked in and stuff but instead made out of MDF / birch ply / or even particle board, you'd be utterly amazed, shocked, and awestricken, and then you'd put a bullet through the back of the head of whoever sold you the Q-logic plastic deal.

    I owned an MTX Thunderform, which is actually a much much much better built plastic box than the Q logic variety. I shopped around about 3 years ago for something to go under the back seat of my X-cab Ram... and after trying out both, went with the thudnerform.

    I put my Polk DX 10-'s in it. now these are subs i had had in my other truck in an MDF box... sounded great.... put them in this plastic thing, they sounded like absolute junk.... well not junk, but compared to before... junk. after what in the end amounted to about a year of accumulated use, i damaged one of the subs due to over-excursion and other crap caused by the FLEXING of the flimsy walls of the plastic box, so i lost the sub (which honestly pissed me off more than anything -- i beat the hell out of those subs in their MDF boxes and had no problems, put them in the plastic thing and they went haywire, had to turn down the power to them, and still problems)... anyway the box had its day too... even with a damaged voice coil, the polk sub still played (go polk :) ) and got its revenge... turning the power back up, i blew a hole in the plastic box. (again, go polk -- and the mtx 500D :) ) -- it cracked right along its mold seam.

    threw it in the garage and many moons later i repaired it, glued it up with some polymer-ish type weird glue the mitek guys reccomended, tested it out with some lower power woofers to make sure it worked at least as good as when i bought it (even tho it didnt look as good due to the repair) ... repainted it and sold it for 60 or 70 bucks to some lady in california who wanted one ... she was putting two 150 w subs in it... so good for her... but there's no way i'd put anything over 100 - 150w in that flimsy kind of a box again.

    the JL stealth boxes, on teh other hand, are fiberglass... that, needless to say, is vastly more sturdy than injection molded plastic. while the JL subs do stink like sweaty gym socks, the boxes are kinda snazzy -- i just don't like the downfiring thing with so little clearnace under the seat.

    i downfire my subs now, but i give them about 4 1/2 or so inches of clearance to propogate a waveform.

    all things considered, the best way to fire subs in a truck where you're not removing the back seat, is to fire them forward, from under the back seat, one on either side, but as close to each other as possible. mounting amps is a pain, but can be done with some work and ingenuity (like cody meister there bolting them all to the back wall... or under front seats, on the front firewall, build a fake floor in back... whatever).
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    There is a facility to install sub woofer and speakers in [URL=" "]Toyota Tundra[/URL]. It has lots of space where you can put speakers either under seats or back side of seats.
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    ^^^^ reported ^^^^
    If you can't hear a difference, don't waste your money.
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