X b o x 3 6 0..... Soft mod or regular mods?

doggie750doggie750 Posts: 1,151
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Was told I can do this, wondering if any in our polkbreed have conducted this? Please advice. Surfing youtube at the moment but still skeptical... :question:

AVR:Pioneer Elite SC-07
Surrounds: RTis
2channel:Rti100 (carver driven
Sub:SVS PB12-Plus/2
Dedicated AMPs:Adcom GFA535, 2xCarver 1.5t, Carver m1.0t
Wsrn:Hitachi ultra vision LCD60, 32XBR400
PowerConditioner: MonsterC HTS5100
PS3, Toshiba HD A2, etc: SonySACD/ Panasonic gears DIVX.

MR3LIGION: Polkaudio; GSXR; E46; Reeftank;
Odyclub; Xsimulator; Sony; Zune; Canon
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  • kuntasenseikuntasensei Posts: 3,270
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    Discussion of modding consoles for piracy purposes is taboo here. Personally, I wouldn't do it. Of all the console makers, Microsoft has been the best at banning modded consoles thus far, so if you value online play, DON'T DO IT.
    Equipment list:
    Onkyo TX-NR3010 9.2 AVR
    Emotiva XPA-3 amp
    Polk RTi70 mains, CSi40 center, RTi38 surrounds, RTi28 rears and heights
    SVS 20-39CS+ subwoofer powered by Crown XLS1500
    Oppo BDP-93 Blu-ray player
    DarbeeVision DVP5000 video processor
    Epson 8500UB 1080p projector
    Elite Screens Sable 120" CineWhite screen
  • mikehpolkmikehpolk Posts: 27
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    Soft. I can be un-done easily. It's also a good way to play outside-region games, if you bought some. ANd you can do other neato mods liek laoding media players onto them. There are many non-piracy related mdos out there that are pretty neat.
  • polkfarmboypolkfarmboy Posts: 5,724
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    Dude were all serious audiophiles here trying to improve our rigs and you join the forum with a ridicules name like jesush*mper ?
    If you cant pay $10 $30 for a used xbox360 game and have to mod your machine then there is really nothing for you on this forum. Go buy some fake MIT cables after you mod that xbox and dont post on the forum again unless you change your screen name because your being banned

    Your name is just there to rile up catholics bud so next time you come back keep it clean and show some respect
  • HTguru1982HTguru1982 Posts: 1,066
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    I agree.
    Display: Sony 42" LCD
    Sources: Harman Kardon DVD-27,
    Panasonic DMP-BDT110 blu ray player
    AVR: Sony STR-DA2400ES
    Amps: Sonance Sonamp 260(fronts),
    Kenwood KM-894(surrounds)
    Fronts: NHT 2.5
    Center: NHT VS-1.2A
    Surrounds: NHT Super One
    Subwoofer: SVS PB10-ISD
  • blueboxerblueboxer Posts: 622
    edited January 2012
    Maybe the poster is a she and humps her gardener, Hay-Zeus (jesus)?
  • mikehpolkmikehpolk Posts: 27
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    Oh, just a name I quickly tossed in. No intentions behind it. But no matter; a kindly mod will be changing it for me (and you) soon.
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