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As I'm sure many of you have read in "Troubleshooting," I had a bad AQ Copperhead IC.

Being anal as I am, I would like to keep all my IC's the same and I like the AQ sound.

I was thinking of maybe doing an upgrade in all my IC's. As I'm sure y'all know, the Copperheads have AQ's top copper in a simple design.

So, to realize any appreciable upgrade in sound, would I have to spend some big bucks on some Anacondas or should some Diamondbacks deliver real results over the current Copperheads? What about AQ digital IC's?

Thanks ahead of time!


(I have a source upgrade on the way as well as plans for a DAC and an anti-jitter device. I haven't forgotten that stuff. If you think nice wire is worthless, fine, I don't want to hear about it here.)

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    I think the Diamondback would be a nice low cost upgrade, they are more advanced than the Copperhead. That is however from a construction standpoint. I liked them. You must like the AQ sound, so I would stick with it.
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