Arkham City - It's like crack

quadzillaquadzilla Posts: 1,545
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Sweet, sweet gaming crack....

Seriously, it's about the best thing I've played. Great story line, great voice acting, and, of course, I'm the goddam Batman!
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  • SherardpSherardp Posts: 8,051
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    Played both and yes they are good games. Enter the code that came with the game and play as Catwoman too.
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  • kuntasenseikuntasensei Posts: 3,270
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    Finished the main story but still have to do the final Catwoman mission. Amazing game. Definitely a must-play!
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  • pikerpiker Posts: 101
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    I beat this game once and loved every minute of it. I plan on playing through it again... this time with the catwoman content, and in 3D.

    I think this game has the most satisfying hand-to-hand combat experience that I've ever had the joy of partaking in.
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  • logo896logo896 Posts: 322
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    Glad to hear its good. I just got god of war 3 to beat first.
  • badgerbadger Posts: 17
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    I'll have to pick this up, sounds good
  • corrinthianscorrinthians Posts: 35
    edited December 2011
    I got it for PC this time around. Feels different using amouse and keyboard but it works. Graphics look great on max too.
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