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    Yeah brothers in arms was a great game and I agree it is always nice to have some thinking levels. In fact, I'm hoping I might find some of that with Battlefield. MW3 is just not that type of game and doesn't claim to be. That being said, I find if you resist the urge to run and gun as the action piles on, you can begin to control the flow of the game by making careful shots and strategic grenade tosses. At least then you can achieve some of the strategy you are looking for.

    Its funny how my playstyle in SP vs MP are polar opposites. When it came to COD, I always had to be running around since the goal is to get the most kills as possible. So I guess I felt I was wasting time if I was camping.

    SP is whole other can of beans, your goal is to beat the level, so I like to use some strategy in that. I've never played BF3 SP, but the multiplayer usually does require strategy, but strategy in MP means teamwork. So if you do get the game, you better join up our clan!:wink:
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    Is there a limit to those who can join the clan? I may get it in a week or so.
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    Yeah, 100 people. I seriously doubt were going to hit that though! :lol:
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    Wal-Mart's selling BF3 on Black Friday for $28, starting at 10pm the night of Thanksgiving. I don't normally mess with Black Friday nonsense... but I admit that it's tempting. I probably won't do it though, 'cause no matter how tempting it is, I'm constantly reminded of how much I hate the emphasis on team play... and getting sniped constantly without being able to do anything fun.
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    Been on quite a bit under a new username for ps3 after the hack thing a few months ago.

    Bill_Brasky19 for anyone interested in helping me collect dog tags.
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    I've always enjoyed COD multiplayer, but what you mentioned here is why I never liked the single-player. They try so hard to make everything so massive that it makes everything way too over the top. The only levels I enjoy in the games are the sniping levels (cod4 chernobyl) since you have some time to think on what to do instead of mindlessly shooting. A game that did it really well was Brothers in Arms. It was a really fun game and it actually made you use your head a little bit.

    Brothers in Arms was a very underated game. Multiplayer could have been way better, but the single player campaign is where its at.
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