Gaming racing wheel question for sim racers?

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I love racing games. I love Dirt2,Grid,dirt3,GT5,Shift2 and I play w regular controller. I have a Logitech force pro steering wheel and I suck with it.. I just got a Playseat revolution chair and plan to try it out tonight. Is the G25. Or G27 wheel worth the money $235.00 for a casual gamer like me or should I just upgrade to a force GT model used for $90.00? As always thanks. ,Darryl
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    For the casual, stick to the force. The G25 is a good wheel though and isn't necessarily going to make your game worse. It may actually add something. Really it's up to you if you want to drop the quan. If you were a Forza players, the Fanatec CS or GSII would be recommended. :)
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    If you're that into racing games and have a racing seat, I'd definitely say spring for the G25. A quality leather wrapped wheel, h-pattern shifter, clutch pedal. It's by far the cheapest wheel of its quality. You can get nicer sets, but not without paying upwards of $500. If you're an avid racer, the G25 is not just a good choice on a reasonably budget, but practically the only choice.
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    About two months ago I scored a used G25 in perfect working order for $15 at a local used goods store. They clearly had no idea of the value. Great wheel even at $250.
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    I have a G25 packed up that I listed for sale a couple years ago, I still have it, let me know if you interested.

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