ex 12 sub and mtx 250D

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Hi, I have 2 EX 12" subs and i am looking for an amp to power them, i know their rms rating is 150 w, but i have heard that the mtx 250D gives almost 400 w rms at 2 ohms, so there will be 200 w rms to every sub, will they handle this power, or should i look for another amp, as the mtx 152 that gives almost 100 wrms to every sub and also i would like to know the basket and magnet displacement of this sub.

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  • SystemsSystems Posts: 14,998
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    Hey Kim, thanks for the reply, it was usefull, but I had another question about these same subs, i will build the box for them and I have designed it already, but I need to know the displacement of this sub, so i can add this volume to my box and build it as i design it.
    Thanks for your help

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