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I'm going to throw a cool song into the pot.

On the Santana album "Supernatural", check out track 8 entitled "Migra" (pronounced...Me-Gruh).

This one shot way to the top of my list as cool demoes. It has a deep pronounced constant drumming along with some really slick Carlos Santana guitar licks. The lyrics are half Spanish and half English. The recording is very smooth and clean with great ambiance.

Let loose with the volume on this one guys!!! You'll enjoy it!!!

Let me know your thoughts.

No excuses!
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    Its hard to beat Santana's first album. The whole album is similar to what John describes for Migra. Great bass and drums. It will give your system a workout for a 33 year old recording.

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    john, i'm right there with you! the whole supernatural disc is awesome!!! track '8' is one of my favorites...
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
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