Analogue vs. Digital

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If you don't know the name Stanley "BEAR" Owsley, Think the 60's Legal LSD,
Dancing Bears and The Grateful Dead.

Specifically, The Deads sound system. The story goes that after a performance, Owsley approached Garcia and stated;"Your sound system sucks!" In typical Jerry fashion, he replied;"Think you can do better?" So owsley who was loaded from manufacturing the best lsd,(legal at the time) bankrolled the band and developed there sound systems over the years. That part is history.

He has some neet ideas on the whole a/d debate. A good read


And if you get curious, He has been living on the atkins diet since before Atkins "invented it" Read the whole essay.
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    It amazes me how turntables/vinyl seem to overcome so many mechanical limitations and still manage to sound so good. I mean, think about it, a needle being drug-thru grooves and reproducing music. And we worry about stuff like "jitter" in digital devices...
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    I find it more interesting that he thinks "Sesame Street" is the main downfall of modern society.

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