Spherex Xbox 5.1 system

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Just wanna say I got these on a clearance deal and they sound amazing ! The speakers use Mirage's omni polar design which gives a very wide spatial sound field. Special fx in some games feel like I'm getting a 6.1 sound effect !
Movies takes getting use to. My polks sound better for movies and music but as a gaming system the Spherex system outperforms my rt800i system.

Down side is the amp. It's a bit buggy but one day I'll replace it.

Spherex Inc. no longer exists - probably cause they offered a 10 year warranty on the faulty amp but the speakers are well worth it. So if you see a deal don't hesitate and pick them up! Better than most other satellite systems.

Btw, parts express has them on sale but no amp.

Here's a pic of the speaker next to the mouse! Nice weight and size for a satellite :)
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