Sealed Enclosure for MM6

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This post is for Polk Installers or Polk service guys...
(Any bodyelse can give their opinion or experiece anyway):D

What is the specific volume required in the case of use a MM6 speaker in a sealed enclosure. (I know it was asked before but never answered).
I have enought space in the front doors as well as in the rear deck. Also I know a lot of people doesn't like to install speakers in the rear deck, but I will. I want to do this at least in the rear, where is more easy to do cause the 300M has a preformed metal enclosure that actually is open for some holes but they can be clossed easilly doing some small changes. I need as exact as posible the right volume to convert this "built-in" open enclosure in a sealed enclosure. It is like 2 to 3 cu.ft. available for the total metal enclosure volume but I can put a some walls and to make 2 indepented enclosures for each speaker.

As alway I said:

Thanks for you help and kindlly opinion...

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    I have calculated in Bass Box Pro Software a MM6 response according the MM6 technical manufacturer data and a box according the available space (5.5" x 6" x 9") in the rear deck. It give me as result this: Vb: 0.157 cu.ft @ F3: 90.21 Hz.
    How do you see this values?
    I'm attaching a PDF report, I hope somebody can read it and give me their opinion if I need to change something or it is OK.


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    for the mm6, a tiny box is what you're looking for if you insist on putting them in a box. they were designed, as far as i know, for infinite-baffle/free-air applications. sub modelling programs, while technically capable, aren't really designed for speakers like this: i used unibox and got ridiculous numbers. if you must box them, make it solid and just barely big enough to hold the speaker. it'll need about 2 inches around it on every side. note that these are internal dimensions. i'd make it out of 1/2" MDF.
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