Alpha Protocol

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Wow... I decided to check this game out, and I am regretting having done so. Has anyone played this?

It's terrible.. ok, so you're supposed to be some kind of "super spy" and what not.... it takes you about 10 seconds to get a lock on someones head so you can shoot it. I mean, really? On top of that, you have to be within spitting distance. The AI will sit there and wait for you to do it. Enemies will continuously climb up and down ladders for no apparent reason.... briefcases full of money are just laying around in random places...

You have to buy your weapons for hundreds of thousands of dollars and they are copies of real guns but with weird names/specs... for example, you can buy a Spas 12 looking thing that claims to be a .66 Gauge shotgun... .66... wth? is that actual bore diameter, like a .410 (like 67 gauge), or is this thing for taking down elephants?

The game has timed computer 'hacking' which has you sitting there trying to find numbers that aren't changing... moving the cursor or arrows moves your selection so slowly that if the numbers are in the bottom right, you have to find them instantly and rush just to get there in time.

The dialog is painful and also timed. Ridiculously cliche and absolutely painful to listen to... I find myself embarrassed for the characters. You have to decide whether you want to get angry or be nice or whatever in about 2 seconds. Again, the cursor moves slowly or not at all, so you select whatever by chance

I am usually a fan of Obsidian games... but this seems like a real flop. I really can't force myself to continue playing this...
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