Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PC)

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I've rather enjoyed this series, so naturally when I found out they finally released the PC version, I started playing. The story is interesting, and the cities are just plain cool. The game brings something new to the table, where most games simply copy old ideas (not to mention that story line is almost always neglected). The only thing I hate about these games (aside from some ridiculously tedious jumping from time to time) is the fact that they don't even last a day.

I started playing at 6pm and I just finished. I did not like that you played through at a given pace and then all the sudden, without warning you jumped 3 years, then 4 again within 15 minutes. A few minutes later, you're back in present day and in the final sequence. I felt like somehow I accidentally missed half the game.

I really wish single player games had more play value... sure, they give you things to do like run all over the cities and try to get rewards, but really... who wants to do that? This new trend of 'achievements' really bothers me. Every game seems to have it now, but who really wants to play through after beating it just to get some sort of badge that says "good job" in so many words?
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    Wait ..was it that short of a game? I haven't gotten around to playing it yet as it seems like it's a giant side quest and not the real 3rd part to the story.
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    Well, it is part of the greater story. I don't think you could skip this one and get the whole story. You know there are like two stories going on, the one in the old time and the one in modern day? Well, this does make progress in the modern day.

    To be honest, I thought all of them had short, but pretty damn good story lines. The modern day story lines don't seem to progress a whole lot through the game, but when they do they make some drastic revelation. This one is the same way. I think this one is the same length as the other game. Sure, it has side quests, but I skipped them all on my run through. I ended up doing them later.
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