Hey Juice!

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How was the Cape?? Seems lke you were on the forum a lot for being on a short vaca..
Chris :)
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    actually i am still here. heading back to PA tonite. back into work tommorow...:( i have been on this forum alot for being away, but cape cod in the winter is mainly just a retreat to peace and relaxation, to get away from work and the everyday life in PA. as you probably know, most of the action is shut down here during these months, but i still love it just to get away. it's almost like another world. soooooo relaxing, and hey, i got a couple of times to just browse around on here... watched some movies, saw beautiful mind, ate some great dinners, and mostly just sat back and chilled... ahhh, it's been a relaxing 3 1/2 day weekend....:D
    and best of all, my HSU will be delivered to my house tommorow, so all i have to do, is get through the work day, and i'll be in heaven again...:D
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
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