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I have the complete inside wiring of a 1.2tl and was wondering if I could use it to replace the insides of a crs+ or a 2b? I realize that the crossover has wiring for 4 stereo, tweeter and dimensional drivers but I would wire only one set of the array. I also have the input plate and would purchase all new drivers. Does anyone think it would work? Thanks for your input, Sopubone
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    First of all, what the heck are you doing with a 1.2 TL crossover???????

    Is it one that went bad or was it just removed??

    I am only asking because this is not something you would "just remove" for the sake of removing it.

    As far as it working, you would have to do the calculations for impedence matching first, and using only 1 part of it would change the characteristics and values of the crossover, I would guess.

    I think you would be better off getting in touch with Polk Paul or Micah to see if they can help you with getting original crossover or components for it.
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    Joe, my 1.2's were upgraded to tl's. I have the 1.2 crossovers sitting in a box with the eight SL200 twweeters and I purchased on ebay the wiring harness for the 1.2tls. It came with everything except the drivers. I just discovered tonight the the SDA 2B uses the same drivers as the 1.2 did. If I could use the SRS crossover I could Biamp.
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    I'm not sure about using the crossover because of the impedance issue. If you could figure out how to modify it for the right amount of drivers it may work but if you get that deep into it you might as well just design your own. As you change the driver impedance the crossover frequency changes and you would have to select different capacitors,inductor and resistor values to compensate. If you have a schematic I would be happy to look at it. If you want to sell some of those tweeters let me know. I have been looking for some.
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    Yea, I agree. Even though you could theorareticaly split the crossover into 2 seperate entities, you would have to make REAL SURE the calculations on the impedence would match for the 2B's or alter the components.

    I would really consult the experts at Plk on this cause it is getting into an engineering action going the route you want to. It may work, but I would check with them.

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